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DISCLAIMER: Although we enhance music, we cannot fix major problems in the original audio such as distortion, clipping, popping, completely removing background noise, or others as such. The original audio must be good enough to be enhanced without problems.

Song Recording

We will enhance and improve the quality of any song not recorded in a studio. This song was recorded in the basement of a home without a professional studio. The instrumental is a rip from YouTube and the vocals were recorded on a microphone in the basement. Both the audio and vocals were enhanced and mixed.

YouTube Music Rip

We can enhance and improve the quality of YouTube or internet music/audio rips. These songs were ripped directly from YouTube. Notice the difference in quality once the song was enhanced. These are 30 second samples.

Cell Phone Recording

We can enhance audio recorded on a cell phone. This audio was recorded on a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) in the bathroom.