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"Audio that sounds as sweet as Vanilla"

VanillaAUDIO was created to help those who simply need better sounding audio. A lot of people do not have the technical skills, software or tools to make their audio sound good, so we can help you. We offer our services to many types of people for a very affordable price.

What makes us different than the rest?
We enhance YOUR audio with YOU in mind. Other services give you less control over the sound you want to hear. We are people, not algorithms or robots, so we work with you to improve specific elements of your sound such as bass booster, increase/decrease the highs/lows, or increase the volume of your audio. We want to make sure you get the best out of your audio.

Best of all, we wont run your bank account dry. Why should you have to pay hundreds of dollars just to improve the quality of your music, recording, or audio? We understand that you may not be able to afford a studio or professional equipment. We can ensure you that with VanillaAUDIO, your sound will be improved without having to break the bank. 


As an artist, you want to make a good first impression. Your first single, track, or recording has to be clean, so others you know mean business. Many artists, however, cannot afford to go to a studio. This is where we come in. We help musicians who can’t afford paying for a studio but want their songs sounding clean and quality before they promote it. We can enhance your vocals or song you want to use for your audio so it sounds good enough to impress others, without the costs of a studio.

Audio Enhance (Vocals only or Track only) = $45 per track
Audio Enhance + Mixing (Vocals + Track) = $50 per track

Internet/YouTube Music Rips

Although it is important to supports artists who make great music, it has become a popular thing for people to rip music from YouTube or the internet. When music or any audio is ripped from the internet, the quality is dramatically reduced, and listening to the audio is not as enjoyable as it can be. We can enhance and improve the sound of music downloaded directly from YouTube or any other source to make it sound near CD-Quality, thus making it better sounding in your stereo or MP3 player.

Audio Enhance = $40 per audio

Audio Books

The audio is probably the most important thing for an audio book. Listeners must be able to understand clearly what you are saying, so that can be moved by your voice and words. We can enhance the audio you may want to use for audio books so the sound is clean, loud, and clear.

Audio Enhance = $40 per audio


One of the issues Youtubers face is that their sound isn't good or audible. Great content, but bad audio can be a big deterrent for viewers, thus preventing you from getting the views you could actually receive. You may want to make YouTube videos, but cannot yet afford some of the microphones that would give you quality sound.  We would help any Youtuber who wants to enhance and improve the sound of their vocals or music for their video, or can’t afford a high quality microphone.

Audio Enhance = $40 per audio

Cell Phone Audio

At the spur of the moment when you need to record something, you pull out your cell phone and record. It could be a new verse for your single, a new thought or idea, or an event that may never happen again. However, the cell phone microphone is usually not the best quality, and can be hard to make out what's going on in the audio. We can enhance any audio recorded directly from a mobile phone so the audio sounds cleaner, crisper, and easy to hear.

Audio Enhance = $40 per audio

Any Other Reason

The reasons that anyone would want clearer audio is limitless. Whatever reason you may want audio cleaned and cleared up, we can help you.

Audio Enhance = $40 per audio